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Face-to-Face English Courses – UK

Do you want to study in Higher Education, but don’t have IELTS? Our face-to-face course will prepare you to take the IELTS academic test and pass with confidence. You will cover all four skills – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. All of our teachers have extensive experience in teaching students to ensure they reach the required academic IELTS grade.

General English Language Courses

We also offer General English courses to allow you to join our group class schedule where you can focus on the specific English language skills you wish to improve. You can study General English courses at the following locations:

General English Language Courses

  • Leeds Language College

  • Imagine English – Liverpool

  • Cardiff Vale College – Cardiff

  • IFG Foundation - London

English Programs

Additionally, we offer our students various English Language courses and programs to suit their individual needs. With partnerships with English schools around the UK, we have an array of programs ranging from short and long courses at English Language Schools in the UK to English Pre-sessional courses at UK universities. All these courses can be delivered online or face-to-face.

These programs include:

Summer Programs

These dedicated programs are ideal for those who have little time but want to study, enjoy, and integrate into British society to improve their language.

General English

These English language programs correspond to the current level of the students level in English and are configured to develop their overall English language skills.

Short Language Programs

These English language programs may range from one to four weeks.

Pre-Sessional Programs

These programs are taught at universities.

University Preparation Programs

This is an English language program that helps students pass the IELTS exam.

Custom/Professional Programs

These programs suit the student’s specific needs and current field.

Other Courses

We also offer the following courses:

Other Courses

  • IELTS Academic – To Study Abroad

  • IELTS UKVI – To Study in the UK

  • IELTS Life Skills A1 Spouse Visa

  • GRE – To Study in the USA

  • PTE – To Study Abroad

  • TOEFL – To Study in the USA

  • IELTS General – To Migrate to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

  • SAT – To Study Undergraduate Courses in the USA or Canada

  • OET – For Doctors and Nurses to Work Abroad

  • General English Language Courses

  • Special English Conversation – Special Grammar – Special Pronunciation

  • UKVI A2 Training

  • B1 Training

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If you require an English language course to study in the UK, we’ve got you covered.

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